Here are the Top 10 answers to the question - "Why have a PLN?"

10. To connect with experts and passionate educators who can challenge and corroborate my thinking. Its an excellent way to view education beyond the walls of my classroom.

9. I was looking for a way to connect to other educators who were looking for creative ways to meet their students needs.

8. This is better than Google for finding great resources to use with my teachers and students. Everything shared has already been test driven by people I trust. I also like to contribute to my PLN. It feels great to hear how something I shared was used with students.

7. There is only one of me in the district and my PLN becomes my support team, source for professional development, and just general go-to team!

6. My PLN helps me stay connected to current edtech resources and allows me to participate in meaningful "conversations" about education. There are not many people in my district who have a current working knowledge of technology in education. This is a way for me to continue my own learning.

5. The best professional development opportunity I have ever had. Learning and support all the time. I get inspired by great educators. I get to inspire others. Sometimes in your district, you feel like a Lone Ranger. With a PLN you know that you are not alone.

4. PLN's connect me with teachers, educators, tech people, and such all over the world. It is wonderful to share ideas and information with one another, read interesting articles, facts and such.

3. To help me develop teaching skills and ideas. So that I stay current with education research, tips, and tools. I have a PLN so that I can connect with teachers and administrates outside of my district and learn from their advice and experience. I am the only teacher of my subject at my school. If it were not for my PLN I would have no connection to other teachers of my subject.

2. My PLN keeps me on top of the latest research and new thinking ideas. I feel like I'm connected to something bigger than just my district. It feels good to share with others and I always know that if I have a question they are there for me.

1. My professional world is too big to rattle around in it alone.